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Eye Health Blog

Our eye health blog answers your most pressing questions about eye care, vision and common eye ailments.

You might suffer from dry eye — and wonder how you can prevent it. Maybe you’re planning to get cataract surgery and want to know what to expect. Or you might just be looking to change up your diet to include more types of food that promote eye health.

Whatever your needs, our eye health blog can empower you with insights to inform your decisions.

The eye doctor is “in.”

How to Prepare for Cataract Surgery

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Cataract surgery is the best option to restore cataract damaged vision. With a 95% success rate, it is one of the most effective ways of restoring sight with minimal down time. The first step of...

Different types of Premium IOLs

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Premium Intraocular Lenses or IOLs are artificially created lenses that are used to replace the natural lens after a cataract surgery. Traditional IOLs only offer vision at one specific distance...

Complications of Cataract Surgery

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Cataract surgery is one of the most common surgeries performed in the US. With a high success rate of 98% out of about 3 million surgeries each year, complications are almost unheard of. However,...

Cataract Surgery for Infants and Children

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Congenital cataracts and childhood cataracts are not very common. However, in the event that a child or infant has cataracts, it is not easy to predict how much their vision will be improved...

The Effectiveness and Risks of Cataract Surgery

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When cataracts are identified early, there is a possibility that the patient’s vision may be improved with eyeglasses or magnifying lenses. However, should the problem worsen or if the cataracts...

The Cataract Surgery Process

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Cataract surgery is often performed as an outpatient procedure. While it may sound complicated, the procedure only takes minutes to complete. Generally, the process involves in the removal of the...

Important Facts about Congenital Cataracts

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It is possible that a pregnant mother may give birth to a baby with cataracts. This type of cataracts is known as congenital cataracts and will result in the baby having a cloudy lens instead of...

Cataract Surgery & Vision Restoration

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When a cataract surgery is performed, there is a very slim possibility that the patient may lose some or most of their ability to see. There are several methods of restoring vision post-surgery,...

Recovery after Cataract Surgery

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If you are considering cataract surgery, you will be glad to know that the recovery process after the surgery is brief. Cataract surgery is considered to be one of the simplest surgeries...

What You Should Know about Cataracts

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Cataracts are cloudy areas on the lens of the eye and cause impaired vision. About half of all Americans of age 65 and older are reported to have cataracts. Cataracts are a result of protein...

IOL Implants after Cataract Surgery

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Before the development of Intraocular Lenses or IOLs, people were prescribed with special types of contact lenses or thick eyeglasses so that they can see after the surgical removal of cataracts....

Introducing Tear Lab

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TearLab is the single most accurate and objective test for diagnosing Dry Eye Disease. TearLab generates an Osmolarity number, which provides significant information to your Doctor. With its...