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Eye Exam Room at the Benaim EyeBenaim Eye provides comprehensive eye care to its patients beginning with a comprehensive eye examination. Our doctors are available to determine if you need glasses or contact lenses, as well as detecting and testing for more serious conditions, such as glaucoma. A typical eye examination will include an internal and external examination.

Preparing for your Eye Exam

It is important to bring your current glasses, or prescription information and a list of any medications you may currently be taking. Dr. Benaim will ask you for information about your general health, including any past operations, any allergies, and family medical and eye history.

The best way to ensure good, clear vision is through regular comprehensive exams. We recommend that contact wearers have an exam every year, healthy adults have an examination every two years. For those who are over 60 years old, a full exam every year is recommended. Finding and treating your eye conditions early will improve the likelihood of successful treatments.

Please contact our office 561-747-7777 to schedule a comprehensive eye examination. Dr. Benaim and the staff at Benaim Eye are dedicated to helping Florida see clearly!