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Blepharoplasty is a procedure to remove excessive eyelid skin that can impair eyesight. The procedure is considered a medical necessity, and may be covered by insurance if the eyelids interfere with your field of vision; otherwise the procedure is considered a cosmetic procedure that is not covered by insurance.

The surgery itself involves the removal or repositioning of the excessive upper eyelid tissue that is impairing your vision. Both upper and lower eyelid procedures may be performed depending on the nature of the condition. Typically, the excess skin from the upper lid will hang down over the eyelashes and block your peripheral vision or affect the outer and upper parts of your field of vision. This can cause problems when driving or reading. Patients who have less severe excess skin, especially under the eyelids may have the procedure performed for cosmetic reasons; for example, patients who are looking to improve the “bags” under their eyes will have a blepharoplasty performed on their lower lids.

The procedure is performed by making external incisions along the folds of the eyelids, at the creases of the upper lids below the lashes, or on the inside surface of the lower eyelids. Following the surgery, swelling and bruising may be substantial for the first two weeks but will disappear in the next several weeks.