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You’ve almost made your decision. You’ve read up on when to have it, what to expect during it, and now you want to understand the benefits of cataract surgery.

Of course, that can seem like a rather obvious answer. After surgery, you should expect better eyesight, right?

While the answer to that is certainly a “yes,” there are other benefits of cataract surgery that are less frequently discussed. Here are some additional positives, in addition to better eyesight.

Quick Recovery Period

Unlike many other surgical procedures, cataract surgery does not involve a hospital trip and is considered to be a simple surgery. It often takes only about 10 minutes to complete and is usually an outpatient procedure.

While you will have to protect your eyes and be driven home after, you can expect normal vision to begin to return anywhere between a few hours after the surgery to a few days. Typically, your eye should be completely healed within one month.

Makes Other Eye Issues Treatable

This might not be the benefit you first think of when considering surgery. However, as the Mayo Clinic notes, “doctors may recommend cataract surgery if a cataract makes it difficult for your eye doctor to examine the back of your eye to monitor or treat other eye problems, such as age-related macular degeneration or diabetic retinopathy.”

In other words, if you have multiple eye issues, having cataract surgery can enable a doctor to treat what he or she was previously unable to treat. It could be the first step on your path to improved eyesight.

Increased Safety

Having diminished eyesight is a safety risk. Whether you drive for day-to-day errands or eyesight is an essential aspect of your job, cataracts can cause both to become more difficult. With successful surgery, you will feel safer doing the activities that you have become accustomed to throughout your life.

Enhanced Quality of Life

Are you an avid skier, golfer or scuba diver? Cataracts can make the outdoor activities you love less enjoyable, due to sensitivity to light glare. They can also cause you to have different levels of vision in each eye and — as previously mentioned — make those activities more dangerous.

With successful cataract surgery, you can get back to tracking the flight of that golf ball or seeing the shimmering scales of a snapper like you once did.

Hopefully, you now have a greater picture of the many benefits of cataract surgery. While better eyesight is the first thing that many of us think of, there are several additional benefits that result from the procedure.

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