Our eyes are constantly in use and yet, most of us take them for granted. In reality, just like the other muscles and organs in our bodies, our eyes also need rest every now and then. The human eye is made up of muscles and the good health of these muscles will determine how good a person’s vision will be. Nowadays, most people spend a great deal of time staring at tiny text on smartphones and computer screens. This can result in eye strain which may later lead to various vision problems and discomfort. Resting your eyes is the best way to reduce some of the strain.

The best way to rest your eyes is complete darkness. When there is no light, the optic nerve is not stimulated by images. Even during sleep, the optic nerve may not rest due to light. By covering your eyes, it can control the images and allow the eyes to rest more. Relaxing the optic nerve has an amazing ability to relax the rest of the nervous system and the rest of the body along with it. There are several simple things you can do to rest your eyes. Be sure to remove your glasses and contact lenses before starting.

Palming – This is a great way to rest your strained eyes. Rub your palms together to warm them up and cup them lightly over the eyes. Your palms should block all light and warm up the eyes while resting around the eyes rather than on the eyes. You can accompany palming with meditation or even lie down to enhance the relaxation. Palm for about 5 minutes at a time to add up to about 20 minutes each day. You will be able to continue for longer if you pair it with meditation.

Covering the eyes – This can be done with a soft blindfold that blocks out all light. The blindfold should not be tied too tight. You can lie down, recline or sit in a comfortable and relaxing position. Try and relax into the darkness without falling asleep. You can do this for about 10 minutes at a time.

If you work long hours on a computer or spend a lot of time reading, eye strain is a very real possibility. Therefore, aim to rest your eyes at least once an hour. You can also place slices of cucumber over your eyes to cool them down while you rest.