If you are considering cataract surgery, you will be glad to know that the recovery process after the surgery is brief. Cataract surgery is considered to be one of the simplest surgeries performed. In fact, the surgery takes only about 10 minutes to complete. However, since you may be sedated, you will have to rest for about an hour until the effects pass. You will have to protect your eyes from glare and bright lights. Therefore, you will be advised to wear sunglasses and to not drive home. Your eyes will be covered with a protective shield, but that can be removed a few hours after the procedure per your doctor’s recommendations. However, you will have to place the shield on your eye when you are sleeping for a few days. It takes a bit of time for your vision to adjust to the removed cataract and to the new replacement IOL (Intraocular lens). Since different people heal in different ways, the return of normal vision may take from a few hours after the surgery. It is normal to have a follow-up appointment with your doctor on the following day. Typically, a cataract surgery recovery takes about one month for your eye to completely heal.