Premium Intraocular Lenses or IOLs are artificially created lenses that are used to replace the natural lens after a cataract surgery. Traditional IOLs only offer vision at one specific distance type and need to be used with contact lenses or eyeglasses for the other distances. As for modern premium IOLs, they come in various different forms to allow different types of vision without needing any other type of vision enhancing eyewear.
Accommodating IOLs
Accommodating IOLs can provide vision in far, medium and close distances. These lenses are able to respond to the eye’s muscle movements to allow for different focal lengths to offer vision at different distances. For those with presbyopia where the ability to switch focal lengths is diminished due to the sagging of the muscle, accommodating IOLs are used to restore normal vision without needing bifocal lenses.
Multifocal Refractive and Multifocal Diffractive IOLs
Multifocal diffractive IOLs are considered to be the first generation of multifocal IOLs. These can separate the light that enters the eye into two focal points to allow the patient to see near objects as well as far away objects. Multifocal refractive IOLs are created with 5 optic zones. Each of these optic zones has different focal distances and lighting conditions as well as special functions. The optic zones are designed to allow clear vision during various activities and situations that occur during everyday life. These lenses have a refracting surface which allows 100% of the light to reach the retina.
Aspheric lenses
Aspheric IOLs are created to provide vision at a better quality in comparison to standard IOLs. These lenses are created to allow patients to see with little or no spherical aberration. While not necessarily a widely used option, aspheric lenses are definitely an option depending on a patient’s occupation, lifestyle and the characteristics of their eyes.
Toric lenses
Astigmatism, an eye defect that causes the lens to deviate from the proper curvature, creates distorted vision. When someone with astigmatism develops cataracts and is in need of surgery and an IOL implant, Toric IOLs are the right choice. These are specifically used to treat cataract patients who also suffer from astigmatism. These lenses are a relatively new development that has been proven successful at reducing astigmatism and allowing better vision.