Toric IOL’s are designed to correct astigmatism in cataract patients. Astigmatisms can often lead to blurred or impaired vision if it becomes moderate or severe. The blurred vision is caused as a result of the eye’s cornea having an irregular shape. A normal eye’s cornea and lens have a circular shape, but an eye with astigmatism has a longer more oval shape.

Most astigmatisms are not severe enough to require surgery and can be corrected by wearing glasses or contact lenses. For cataract patients with pre-existing astigmatism, a Toric IOL could eliminate the need for glasses after surgery because a Toric IOL has the ability to correct both the cataract and the astigmatism.

Intraocular lens implant isolated on white

Previously, surgeons tried to change the shape of the cornea through an incision during cataract surgery. Now, with the creation of the Toric IOL, vision can be improved or repaired without the need for more surgery. The Toric IOL helps to refocus vision and is designed with the same technology as contact lenses.

Patients who have astigmatism and are candidates for cataract surgery can request a Toric IOL to help improve their vision. A Toric IOL can treat both the cataract and astigmatism in one surgical outpatient procedure. Dr. Benaim offers the Acrysof Toric Aspheric and the Tecnis Toric IOL.

To learn more about Toric IOLs and to determine if this is the best option for you, please contact Dr. Benaim at 561-747-7777.