Does LASIK hurt?

The LASIK procedure itself will not hurt. You will be given a few numbing drops in order to make the surgery as a whole more comfortable because there will be some pressure on and around the eye during the surgery.

Will I feel pain after the surgery?

Most people feel a burning or scratchiness in their eyes. This feeling can last anywhere from one to three hours after the surgery. The following days after surgery patients may feel that they have something in their eye. Both of these symptoms will go away.

How long does LASIK take?

The LASIK procedure usually takes about 15 minutes total, with each eye taking about five minutes

How soon after the surgery will I be able to see?

While the medicated eye drops used during the procedure do cause some blurriness, most patients are able to notice a difference in their eyesight just minutes after their procedure.

Will I have a follow up appointment?

Most patients will have an appointment the day after surgery, and will need to be seen one month and three months after treatment. Please discuss these appointments with your doctor for exact dates.

Can I drive after surgery?

You will not be able to drive the day of surgery. If you feel you are comfortable with your eyesight you will be able to drive the following day.

Dr. Benaim and the staff at Florida Eye Group are happy to answer any questions you may have about LASIK. Please contact our office at 561-747-7777 to make an appointment.