Custom LASIK Florida

Correction DiagramDr. Benaim and the staff at Benaim Eye are dedicated to providing patients with the best vision correction options. Custom LASIK with wavefront technology allows patients to receive a vision correction procedure tailored to their individual needs.

What is Custom LASIK?

Custom LASIK is an advanced type of LASIK surgery that treats vision problems including high order aberrations. The traditional LASIK procedure allows people to see 20/20 or better freeing them from their glasses and contacts but it can’t correct high order aberrations such as glare and halo. The low order aberrations are myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism and can be corrected with traditional LASIK. High order aberrations can’t be measured with standard refraction, and are usually measured by an abertometer. These measurements are then converted to a wavefront map of your eye, and this map is what allows your doctor to correct both low order and high order aberrations with Custom LASIK. Since the wavefront map shows your detailed vision correction needs, your doctor is able to provide you with a more custom and tailored procedure to give you the best possible vision!

How is Custom LASIK different from LASIK?

Custom LASIK allows you to receive a customized vision correction procedure that is completely tailored to your individual eyes. Dr. Benaim recognizes that not all eyes are the same, and not every vision problem can be corrected by standard LASIK. Custom LASIK will correct many high order aberrations that can cause problems in tradition LASIK patients.

Benefits of Custom LASIK

Because the Custom LASIK procedure is designed to specifically meet your individual vision correction needs you will receive the best possible correction for your eyes. Because your eye surgeon will take a specific 3D wavefront map of your eye errors you will have a greater chance of receiving a correction that will make your eyesight 20/20 or better. Also, because Custom LASIK can correct the high order aberrations that are sometimes unable to be corrected during other LASIK procedures, you will reduce the possibility of ending up with certain side effects such as night time glare or halos.