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At Benaim Eye, we provide vision correction services to the east coast of Florida with an emphasis on quality and great visual outcomes. In addition to general ophthalmology care and regular eye exams, we offer our patients the latest vision correction procedures, including, clear lens exchange, cataract surgery, glaucoma treatment, diabetic eye exams, dry eye evaluation and eye injury diagnosis.

The staff at Benaim Eye uses state of the art equipment and the most advanced technology to treat and diagnose eye conditions.

The first step in a great patient/physician relationship is open and honest communication. We want you to know and understand all your options – no matter what. Our professional team is ready to get you into the office, connect with our physician, restore your vision and get you on your way. Are you ready to get started? Contact us today and see clearly.


Our Optical Department is now open. Come in and visit our beautiful optical department or call us at 561-744-4840.

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A solution for cataracts and aging vision, modern lenses allow us to make your vision crystal clear. Often a longer term solution than traditional LASIK!


Our team understands the aesthetics of your eyes. Drooping and aging eyes can make you appear older and tired. Trust our team to refresh and rejuvenate you.


We are ophthalmic pioneers. Using the newest technology, deep experience and team training we are a comprehensive eye care facility for anyone in SE Florida.

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Client Reviews

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I was received professionally and kindly by all of the staff at Benaim Eye! I really appreciated it as I was traveling and not ‘at home’ to work with my normal healthcare providers. I picked the name online without knowing anything about the dr. or his office. Couldn’t have been more happy!!

Juliab, Lodi