Nowadays, our eyes are more frequently exposed to computer screens, mobile device screens and televisions where reading small text is a given. Over time, these practices can lead to eye fatigue and various premature vision problems. In order to prevent eyestrain and to give your eyes a break, there are several exercises to keep your eye muscles at their best form. These exercises are a great way to improve vision, relax your eyes and to maintain overall eye health.


It is surprisingly easy to forget to blink when staring at a computer screen for prolonged periods. Blinking is very important to keep your eyes moist and clean. Be sure to remember to blink to keep your eyes fresh and to reduce eye strain.

The figure 8

This is an excellent exercise to keep your eye muscles functioning. Imagine a giant figure8 on the side about 10 feet from your eyes. Trace the figure 8 slowly with your eyes for a few minutes. Then, change the direction and continue for a few minutes. This exercise can help increase the flexibility of your eye muscles and to break the monotony of staring at a single spot.

Near and far focusing

Sit or stand comfortably and place your thumb about 10 inches in front of your eyes. Focus your eyes on the thumb and then focus on a different object about 10 – 20 feet in front of your eyes. Remember to take deep breaths between the focus changes. This is a great exercise to strengthen your eye muscles.

Zooming exercise

Sit comfortably and stretch your arm with your fingers in the ‘hitchhike’ position. As you stretch your arm outward, keep your focus on your thumb. Once your arm reaches its full stretch, slowly bring your thumb close while maintaining focus. Don’t bring your thumb in closer than 3 inches from your face. Repeat the motion for a few minutes. This is another highly effective focusing experience where your focus is continuously adjusted. The movement can also help strengthen the eye muscles.

Eye rolling

Look up and roll your eyes clockwise about 10 times and 10 times counterclockwise. Keep the movements slow and relaxed.

Relaxing exercises

Relaxing your eyes and resting them is just as important as strengthening the eye muscles. Simply put your head back and close your eyes for a few minutes to rest them. If the lights are too bright, you can turn them off or cover your eyes with your palms for complete darkness. This exercise is ideal to rest your mind as well as your eyes and can make a considerable difference in your workdays.